Our Brand

Meet the A La Mode Ice Cream Shoppe Family. We are the Roths, and we are proud to say we are a small, family-run company. As longtime ice cream lovers, we didn’t want kids or adults with nut allergies to live in a world where they couldn’t enjoy the tasty treat of some sweet delicious ice cream–so we did something about it.

What makes our ice cream unique? It is the only 100% nut-free, egg-free, sesame-free ice cream that does not compromise on taste. Our ice cream is creamy, dairy-based goodness, and we also offer a selection of options for customers with gluten and dairy sensitivities. We are committed to making the joyful experience of delicious ice cream accessible to the 32 million people (and growing) who suffer from allergies and to their socially conscious neighbors and friends (a number that is also growing!).

In 2015, we launched our boutique ice cream parlour on New York City’s Upper East Side. In response to high demand, our family-owned company launched Dessurt Corp in 2016, a dedicated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Bronx that is designed to take the product to retail stores and food service nationwide. We also recently revamped our product line with all-natural ingredients.

Our Allergy Free Ice Cream Flavors

100% nut-free ice cream, hand-packed and totally delicious!


vanilla ice cream, a classically indulgent treat

speed bump

deep chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, white and dark chocolate chips


combination of vanilla & chocolate cookies, classic vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate fudge


rich and creamy, the traditional way


coffee ice cream with chocolate chips

partly cloudy

blue cotton candy ice cream with mini marshmallows

pink sprinkle

pink vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

“A La Mode Ice Cream is all-inclusive and mindful of the growing number of people who have allergies today. many of our customers had never been able to try a dairy-based ice cream before they tried ours, and it has been a magical experience in their lives. our goal is to provide children and adults alike with the delicious, joyful, and safe experience of sharing ice cream together.” -Sandy Roth, cofounder.

sandy roth co-founder / a la mode shoppe

social responsibility

Our customers, their families, and neighbors come first. We believe that a socially conscious community is an allergy conscious community.

A La Mode Ice Cream offers a delicious, creamy treat that is fun and safe for the person eating it and for those around them. Whether it is the sibling at home, the friend at school, or the adult at a party who is at risk, you know you can enjoy our ice cream and share it too.

Social responsibility is at the heart of our brand and our proposition to the range of frozen dessert options available today.

fun and flavorful variety

Each A La Mode flavor is first taste-tested and approved at the original ice cream shop before being introduced to the wider market.

We offer standard flavors such as vanilla and chocolate as well as other hand-packed flavors with enticing names like pink sprinkle® (pink vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles), partly cloudy® (cotton candy ice cream with marshmallows), wired® (coffee ice cream with chocolate chips), speed bump® (chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and white and dark chocolate chips), and cooks® (combination of vanilla & chocolate cookies, classic vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate fudge).

The A La Mode product line is available in a wide selection of hard-serve pints, bars, and single-serve cups; for schools and other institutions, we also offer a selection of soft serve.

Our delicious creations have been recognized widely in the allergy community and in national outlets, such as AllergyEatsCNNYelpNima, and Spokin for their superior flavor and variety.

I scream, you scream! Come Experience Our Ice Cream

In a matter of years, we have grown from a local creamery into a nationally celebrated brand with diverse offerings that include products that meet Safe Snack guidelines and can be experienced in schools, in stadiums, in companies, and in your home, purchased from your local grocery store, from our online store, and more.